Jose Silva UltraMind ESP System 
“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
Jose Silva and part of his extensive library Jose Silva Jr. Jose Silva and  Ed Bernd Jr. at Jose Silva’s World Headquarters in 1984 Dr. Robert B. Stone, author and long time Silva Instructor
Dr. Robert B. Stone veteran Silva Instructor and author
Clancy McKenzie M D
Clancy McKenzie, MD
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "Anything with  Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. He has outdone himself in his new book Sales Power. Read it with a pen for underlining." -Wayne W. Dyer, author, Real Magic Jose Silva: Still in shape at 70 Jose Silva with one of several dictionaries he owned and used to help him select the precise words that make his Mind Training System so effective
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Jose Silva, seated, with Ed Bernd Jr.